The warnings on this page are intended to protect both you, the consumer, and myself, the craftsman.

Firearms are dangerous and MUST be handled with care and proper training. Serious injury and/or death may result if any of the following are not carefully considered.

  1. Do not alter a DC Gunleather holster in any way.
  2. Holsters from DC Gunleather are designed to be used with firearms in their original configurations. Grip and/or trigger modifications may affect the usability of the holster and could lead to an accidental discharge.
  3. Do not apply mink, neatsfoot, or other oils. This will soften the leather and could cause an accidental discharge.
  4. Do not use your DC Gunleather holster for any firearm other than the one it was designed to fit. Every DC Gunleather holster has been wet molded and built to very tight tolerances for a specific firearm in its original configuration. Attempting to use a DC Gunleather holster with any firearm other than the one it was specifically designed to fit may result in an accidental discharge.
  5. Do not allow your cover garment or other clothing to interfere when holstering your firearm. Failure to clear the area when holstering your weapon may result in an accidental discharge.

By purchasing and/or using a holster or other equipment from DC Gunleather — YOU, the purchaser/user, assume ALL responsibility. DC Gunleather (or the owner) shall not be held responsible for any injury or damages that may result from the use of a firearm. It is YOUR responsibility to exercise all caution when handling firearms and to seek appropriate training.