Commodore Series


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The Commodore is an inside the waistband holster based on the very popular VM-2 from Milt Sparks.

This holster utilizes offset snap loops, which allow you to easily put on and take off the rig as needed. The reinforcement panel around the mouth prevents the holster from collapsing after the draw and ensures easy one handed re-holstering. The leading wing of the holster is designed so that it can easily flex to conform to your body type. This design also naturally pulls the grip in tightly to your body to promote ease of concealment.

Optional Pull-The-DOT fasteners can be requested for the snap loops. These heavy-duty three-sided locking snap fasteners are designed to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking. When pulled on the fourth side, where the Pull-The DOT® trademark appears, the fastener releases instantly. Pull-the-DOT has a well-earned reputation for performance in difficult environments and conforms to US Government MIL-10884 specifications.

This product is handmade to order in the USA using premium steer hide from the Hermann Oak Leather Company.


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