Commitment to Quality

Handmade quality. Exceptional Comfort. Guaranteed.


I use only the highest quality materials for my leather goods. My leather comes direct from the Hermann Oak tannery in  St. Louis, MO, where they tan only American raised steer hides to produce some of the finest veg tan leather available. All my gun belts feature solid brass hardware.


I take pride in my work because I know when something leaves my shop, there is nothing that I could have done any better. Not to say that every item is perfect, but it’s as close to perfection as I’m humanly able to produce. I learn something new from each project, and I try to incorporate those things into the next build. My commitment to you is that I will never cut corners; instead, I will always strive for perfection.


Every pawn shop from here to China carries some form of gun holster. Gunleather isn’t hard to come by, but good service is in short supply. You can ask any of my clients and I’m confident each of them would tell you that they were more than satisfied with my service and support. From the questions you ask before you order, through the build process, and (most importantly) after delivery— I’m here for you. Checkout my Lifetime Refreshment Policy!